Why Wink Payments

Why Use Wink Payments in your App ?

  • By integrating Wink Payments, you can have access to full stack payment processing solution with a choice of over 200 payment gateways. Just sign-up to your preferred payment gateway or payment service provider, provide Wink with the credentials and you are ready to process secure payments
  • Implement guest checkout or Wink Login protected highly secure passwordless account management protection for the payment experience on your website or app.
  • Achieving PCI compliance is a breeze thanks to the Wink Payment SDK using PCI compliant forms and Wink hosted payment experience ensuring that sensitive data never touches your application or server.
  • Managing multiple payment methods is very simple. Be it cards, wallets, ACH or BNPL, Wink Payment SDK has you covered without the need for your developers to manage them.
  • As an app developer, using Wink would allow you to completely eliminate the hassle of managing users’ passwords or worrying about whether the right user is accessing their account as Wink prevents account sharing and account takeover.
  • Wink Payment SDK is bringing the latest in card tokenization technology, ensuring that you have the best acceptance rates and fraud protection.
  • Wink Payment SDK is Omni-channel. It works in your mobile apps on mobile phones, in browsers on desktops and tablets and can also be used on embedded devices such as POS machines.

The Wink Payment User Experience

Wink Payment SDK provides a javascript based user experience to implement various payment flows.

What’s Next

The following section describes the User Experience in detail.