Known Issues

The following issues are known and will be resolved in the upcoming releases

  1. The Javascript SDK for Wink Login 1.2.1 is suitable to be called in webapps for browser access or inside Webview for native apps. It is not yet available as a native Android or iOS SDK
  2. The Javascript SDK is more suitable for client side applications and might not work correctly with some server side programming environments such as Nodejs. These versions might be available upon request ( please check with your Wink Account Representative )
  3. Facial liveness detection is available only when the service is used on a new device, a new browser on a known device or incognito mode of a browser. On a device that is authenticated and registered for a known user, facial liveness detection is skipped which could lead to possible issues if user device is stolen alongside the device’s login password.
  4. 2 faces in the frame during Recognition. Wink Login’s recognition screen on an already authenticated device has a wide angle rectangular window to capture face and face size is not checked. The largest face size is used for recognition if 2 faces are present in this view. Presenting 2 faces in this window where the largest face is of the valid user could cause corruption in the valid user’s face biometrics. Future versions of Wink Login would reject multiple faces in Recognition screen
  5. Enrollment is a 2 step process ( face liveness check + face and voice capture ). This process can take 10-12 seconds. If the user face is not present for the entire 10-12 seconds, enrollment can fail
  6. User providing less than 3 seconds of clear audio in the enrollment voice capture could experience problems in voice authentication when requested ( like when accessing Wink Login on a new device )
  7. User DOB is not validated. User can provide fake DOB. If user cannot remember fake DOB in the future when requested for authentication, user can be locked out unless they can access Wink Login in acceptable conditions by providing good face and voice
  8. User phone number and email address are not checked for possession. It is possible for users to provide fake data. Future versions of Wink Login will provide device and email possession check feature ( ensuring the user has access to the provide phone number and email )
  9. Facial Liveness check accuracy: Facial liveness check could experience some issues with certain selfie cameras on desktop computers or laptops. Such situations are resolvable typically by ensuring a well lighted environment, clear unobstructed face, avoiding bright light source in the background and increasing screen brightness to maximum. Most cellphone selfie cameras should not exhibit issues unless face is obstructed or the surroundings are not well lit.
  10. Voice liveness check accuracy: To pass voice liveness, user must provide good voice without too much background noise ensuring especially the presence of 3-4 digit number being loud and clear in the speech.
  11. Service Not Available Error: SDK might display “Service not available” error on rare occasions if there are issues with the user’s device, internet connection or Wink server down situations
  12. Wink Login SDK might show inconsistencies of performance if used in an iFrame or popups. It is best used in redirect mode by the host app.