Download the Plug-in and install

STEP 1: Log into your Adobe Commerce Account and search for Wink Checkout Payment Method


You will find the plug-in here

Add the Wink Magento Plugin to your Cart and check out. The cost is $0. Once you have checked out, you will receive a confirmation at the email registered with your Adobe account.

STEP 2: You will receive a confirmation email from Adobe.

Follow the steps in your confirmation email to download and install the plugin. Here is text from a sample Adobe confirmation email:

How to Install an extension:
Please ensure you are using correct access keys (My Profile - Access Keys)
Paste the access keys in your auth.json file inside your project
Use the composer require <module_name>: command to add the extension to your project. If you just need the extension package code for a specific version (for example, for code review purposes), you can initialize an empty project and just add composer require statement for the extension to a blank composer.json
You can see the list of versions in the selector below the extension module name


NOTE: Winkโ€™s Plug-in is listed as an EXTENSION and not an APP. Here is a link directly to the DevDocs at Adobe/Magento for detailed documentation for installing the extension:

Whatโ€™s Next

Connect the Plug-in with your Wink Credentials