Welcome to the Wink Documentation for Developers

Wink allows you to enable simple, secure, and strong biometric authentication for securing access and payments for any account and ensuring that the account holder is a real human being. Wink offers a robust authentication and payments platform with a seamless integration you can customize to fit your needs.

The Wink Javascript SDK is easy and quick to integrate and offer a simple, secure and efficient user experience that is consistent across all browsers, app environments, device OS types and platforms.

The Wink Login product is a great feature to offer for any app developer to simplify and secure account access for consumers on their apps and websites across all devices. It’s a simple way for your users to create an account and sign in without any usernames or passwords to remember, all while guaranteeing you have completed a thorough authentication of your users.

The Wink Payment product is a great feature for app developers to quickly add the capability to process payments via credit/debit cards and wallets such as PayPal to your website without doing a direct integration to a Payment Provider like Stripe, Adyen, Braintree etc. This approach allows the developers to benefit from a hosted PCI compliant infrastructure and many advanced features available that can be added in hours, without requiring any payments or security expertise.

The Wink Hosted Checkout service combines both Wink Login and Wink Payments into a comprehensive checkout solution that can be used by e-commerce merchants in a plug-and-play fashion.

Wink SDK products require certain APIs to be called to finalize transactions and validate the user information.

Our documentation is made available for developers to implement the above Wink products and solutions with minimal effort, time and resources while maintaining unparalleled secure, thoughtful and effective authentication, payments and checkout capabilities.