Why Wink Login?

Why Use Wink Login in your App ?

  • Using Wink can make the access to your accounts secure, seamless and friendly for users. Users don’t have to waste time in the registration process by coming up with a new username and password, which will improve your registration and retention rates tremendously.
  • Users simply use their face and voice to log in across all devices and browsers, thereby ensuring that they never lose access and never have to go through those annoying reset password experiences.
  • As an App developer, it provides a good and safe user experience and protects your environment. As a system administrator, you don’t have to worry about people using bad passwords or using the same password from another account that puts your system at risk if that shared password is compromised somewhere else.
  • As an app developer, you can be 100% confident that your account holders are real human beings and not BOT or AI.
  • As an app developer, using Wink would allow you to completely eliminate the hassle of managing users’ passwords or worrying about whether the right user is accessing their account as Wink prevents account sharing and account takeover.

The Wink Login User Experience

Wink Login SDK provides a javascript based user experience to enroll and authenticate new users.

The following section describes the User Experience in detail.