Going live in Production

Once the Wink checkout service is fully tested, you can request to go-live in production by requesting the same through your account representative from Wink. Wink will provide new production credentials and the following steps must be taken to switch your plug-in to production mode

Step 0: Payment Gateway Production Account

In order for Wink Payments to process live payment transactions using credit/debit cards or PayPal, you are going to need a production payment processing account from a licensed provider.


Wink supports over 200 various payment providers for you to select from. Please see the Payments User Experience section for more details on the supported payment gateways

Once you are ready to process live transactions, you must first ensure that your Payment Provider account is ready to process live credit/debit cards or live PayPal users.


Note: You will need to provide the credentials of your production Payment Provider or Gateway account to Wink for configuration. Please contact your Wink representative to exchange these credentials in a secure manner.

Step 1: Request your Production Credentials

Please send an email to your Wink representative to receive your production credentials. Your Wink representative will ensure that there are the appropriate commercial arrangements in place between Wink and your company and will provide you the production credentials in an expedited manner.

The Wink team will ensure that your Wink production credentials are configured to send live transactions to your live production account at your chosen Payment Processor/Gateway using the credentials you have provided.


Note: You will need to provide the forwarding URL of your production server to the Wink team for proper configuration of your production credentials

Step 2: Install the Plug-in on your Production Magento Admin

Step 3: Make the following changes to your Plug-in Configuration in your Production Admin Panel

Note the same steps described above in configuring your plug-in must be followed here

Set Payment Mode to 'live"

Your secret key should be replaced to Prod secret key

Your Webhook secret key should be replaced to the new Prod Webhook secret provided to you


Ensure you have provided the correct URLs to the Wink team for the Webhook integration for receiving the response for order creation.

With the above 3 steps you should be ready to test your production Magento website and process real payments from your users.


This is a production payment system so all transactions need a valid credit card in order for the transaction to be accepted. Additionally, all charges are real therefore any necessary refunds should be managed directly through your production account portal with your payment provider.