This page describes the journey for a new user that Wink sees for the 1st time

The Enrollment journey begins by asking the user to enable the microphone and camera on their browser to initiate and provide consent to Wink to have access to the streaming data from their device. This is shown in the permission screen below:

Permission Screen

Clicking the enable button in this step will launch an OS or browser specific prompt for user to confirm the camera and microphone access. Once the user allows this permission at the OS and browser level, these permissions are remembered and should not be required again. Note that if the user is accessing the service via incognito mode of the browser, then permission will be required every time.
Once the permissions are granted, the user is taken to the Biometrics Capture screen where face and voice prints for the user are generated in 2 steps

Face Capture and liveness detection

This screen requires the user to present their face in an oval window. User will be asked to position their face in the center of the oval window and come close enough to the camera so that their face approximately fills 75% of the oval. Once the face is correctly positioned, the face will be checked for liveness detection.
In order for the user to pass liveness detection, they must be present in person. Presenting their selfie or recorded video will fail this step. Certain other factors could fail this step ( bright light in the background, sunglasses, ears not visible, very low light in the room ). Failing this step would provide the user an option to retry with a suggestion to ensure they are in good lighted room and turning on the brightness of their device screen to the maximum ( which lights up the user’s face and makes it easier for the system to ensure liveness ).
Once the face liveness is ensured, the face capture step is complete and user is invited to submit their voice in next Step.

Voice Capture

In this Step, the user is presented with a randomly generated voice text to read. For proper enrollment, the user is expected to read the presented text in loud clear voice without the presence of large background noises. Failure to read the text correctly will not stop the enrollment process from finishing but could present problems for authentication for such user to access the service on new devices or in situations where user’s face is not fully recognizable due to face covering etc.

The voice capture will be complete once the rotating green bars complete the full circle and the user will be shown a message that their face and voice is being registered.

Profile Capture or Existing Account Found

Once the user’s face and voice is captured successfully, Wink Login Backend uses the device, face and voice information to confirm that the user trying enrollment is a new user. If it happens to be an existing user ( biometrics successfully matched with an existing WinkID, an existing account found message is shown and the user is invited to Login. Clicking on Login Now will redirect the user to Recognition Flow.

If the biometrics are not found, enrollment will continue and the user will be taken to the next screen where their private personal information is requested.

In this standard version of Wink Login, the onus is on the user to provide correct information as no identity verification is included ( this feature is available upon specific request ).

The Date of Birth ( DOB ) can either be entered manually or by clicking the calendar icon and selecting year, month and date from the calendar pop-up control.
The email is checked for consistency and accuracy. Failure to provide email in a correct format and having a valid domain would not allow the “Save” button to appear at the bottom of the screen.
Unchecking the permission box at the bottom to allow Wink to save the user profile would also prevent the Save button from appearing.

Please note that this screen supports autofill from the browser if the user has personal profile saved on their Chrome or Safari browsers. Clicking on the autofill from the browser will fill all the fields but the user will have to manually click in the email field in order for email validation to take place following which the Save button will appear ( upon successful email validation ).

Once the user has successfully submitted the profile, the user will be presented with a success message and the enrollment process will be complete.

What’s Next

Clicking on Login Now will redirect the user to Recognition Flow.

For a complete video demonstration of the Enrollment experience please visit the link below.