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Wink allows you to enable simple, secure, and strong biometric authentication for login and payments. Wink offers a robust authentication platform with a seamless integration you can customize to fit your needs.

Wink Login Docs

Our Wink Login service is a great feature to offer to your customers and clients for easy access to their profile on your apps and websites across all devices. It’s a simple way for your users to create an account and sign-in without any usernames or passwords to remember, all while guaranteeing you have completed a thorough authentication of your users.

Our SDKs are easy and quick to install and offer flexibility to create a seamless UI/UX experience that matches your brand identity. Colors, fonts, and logos, can all be customized effortlessly so each onboarding and authentication experience complements your brand.

Our documentation is made available for developers to implement Wink Login with minimal effort, time and resources while maintaining unparalleled secure, thoughtful and effective authentication capabilities.