Integrating Wink Checkout

In order for integrating Wink Checkout, there are 2 options for the merchant

Using Wink Payment Javascript SDK

This option is suitable for merchants who are not using an e-commerce platform and have full development control on their website.

The method of integrating to Wink Payment SDK has already been described in the section above titled Integrating Consumer Initiated Payments


In order to integrate to the Checkout flow in Wink Payment SDK set integration type = 'checkout' in the InitWinkPay call as described in the integrating CIT payments section

Using E-commerce Plug-in

Wink provides the facility for the Checkout flow to fully integrate to the merchant's e-commerce platform such as Magento/Adobe Commerce via a plug-in that's downloadable and usable by simply configuring certain options. This option doesn't require any coding or engineering development by the merchant.

As of now Wink provides such a Plug-in for the Adobe Commerce / Magento merchants. Wink Checkout plug-in can be found here

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Using Wink Magento Pล‚ug-in