Special Cases for Authentication

Wink Login can resolve situations where 1 factor is confirmed ( device, face or voice ) but the 2nd or 3rd factor is only partially confirmed ( confidence between 50% and 90% ). In these situations, referred to as yellow cases, the user will be presented with an option to proceed with their Date of Birth (DOB) that they provided at enrollment as an alternative to retrying.

The user has the option to “Scan Again” in order to try and improve the confidence of the 2nd or 3rd factor to >90% or “Skip” to enter DOB. The DOB can be entered manually or by selecting and clicking the options in the calendar icon. Submit button will appear only when DOB is entered in the correct format.
User gets 3 unsuccessful attempts after which Wink Login SDK will abort the attempt and redirect the user back to the beginning.

Please note that DOB is prompted only when 1.5 biometric factors are present, so it’s impossible for someone to login to another user’s account by simply knowing their DOB and having access to their device.

What’s Next

If the DOB is successful, the user will will be taken to the final step ( see MFA Success )