Steps for Wink Login Production

Step 1: Request your Production Credentials

Please send an email to your Wink representative to receive your production credentials. Your Wink representative will ensure that there are the appropriate commercial arrangements in place between Wink and your company and will provide you the production credentials in an expedited manner.


Note: You will need to provide the forwarding URL of your production server to the Wink team for proper configuration of your production credentials

Step 2: Make the following changes to your Front End

Ensure your winklogin.module.js file is the latest version.

URL for prod authentication should be updated to


Note that your clientID will normally remain the same between Sandbox and Prod unless you have requested a change or custom Sandbox ClientID from Wink

Step 3: Make the following changes to your Back End

Your secret key should be replaced to Prod secret key

URL for the API for Token Validation should be updated to

With the above 3 steps you should be ready to test your production integration to Wink Login

What’s Next

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